Friday, 6 March 2009

Murphy's Law applied in medecine !

A math teacher wanted to demonstrate the laws of probability to their students. It spread 30 slices of bread with peanut butter and threw in the air to see. 29 landed with the buttered side on the ground and the thirtieth remained glued to the ceiling.
This is the demonstration of Murphy's law: "if something should happen, it will go through and at the worst possible time and the worst way"

Law gloves
1. The gloves do not tear, unless the risk of contamination is real.
2. When orders for gloves because there are more in reserve, is out of stock at the supplier.

The Law of EMS
Urgently awaits to present you begin eating, and whatever the hour. There would be fewer accidents if the ER staff did not eat.

Poisoning law
All patients who are vomiting and should be a gastric lavage to emergencies are always finished a hearty meal made of roasted onions, garlic pizza and pickles, of course together with a good piece of meat.

Law of Gravity
Any instrument fell on the floor will nest in the most inaccessible corner.

Law of Time
1. There is absolutely no relationship between time spent on call you need to do and time will you actually do.
2. if you end your service at 8:00, your last statement will be held at 7:59.

Law of Time and Distance
1. The distance between the intervention and the Hospital is inversely proportional to your call time remaining.
2. there are always work on the shortest route to the site of intervention.
3. Emergencies occur randomly at the same time.

Equipment law
1. Any piece of equipment vital not ever fall down until: You need to save a life.
2. The automatic mode works only in manual.

Ambulances in Intervention law
No matter how you drive the ambulance based on a speech, it will never be fast enough, until you see a police patrol and at this moment, it is always too fast. Unless it is a call for a police officer who will die, and then you can never drive fast enough.

Toilets and Emergency law
1. Every call is always received when you are in the bathroom. If you exit, there will be no appeal.
2.La probability of receiving a call increases proportionally with the time passed since you went to the toilet.
3. If you do not answer the call you will regret.

Law of light:
Available light to examine a wound decreases proportionally to the aggravation of it.

The Theory of Weight
1. The weight of a patient increases exponentially with the number of floors that you must climb.
2. If the patient is heavy, the elevator is down and the lighting of the stairway off.

The law of the doctor outside the hospital
Any doctor at the scene of an emergency gynecologist is, until proven otherwise (if the obstetric emergency, the doctor will then dermatologist).

For veterinarians
If you take a bath and you are "all good / all clean, get ready to make a visit especially immonde where you will be sure to crawl under a cow.

Laws of pharmacy
1. It was only time to need a drug that will realize that there are more in the pharmacy.
2. It is also at this time we realize that there are more in the pharmacy services.
3. When we finally found the last bottle of the drug in question, it is outdated.
4. This kind of problem always takes place on Thursday evening, while nothing more can be ordered for the weekend.
5. There are always the product you are looking at the last place where one regarde.6. The drug that does not is visible at eye level.


  • "If everything seems to work well, you have overlooked something necessarily
    thing "
  • "Every solution brings new problems"
  • "Anything that goes down eventually"
  • "All that pleasure is illegal, immoral or thickens"
  • "In the queues, the queue next to advance faster"
  • "Men and women are really interesting already taken, and if not, there is a reason hidden" - it is shocking! subject! to discuss:)
  • "If it seems too good to be true, then it is
    probably "
  • "The qualities that attract a woman to a man are usually those that can no longer bear a few years later" - it is also to discuss :)


Aiba Roslyn Rosli said...

Mehdi,this post remind me of my days in Australia,I have this teacher named Dr.Bradly who constantly speaks of Murphy's Law.LOL.

mouna said...

ça ne peut pas être si vraie. ça serai catastrophique que tout doit se produire pour le pire. " la loi de l'emmerdement maximal"!!!
il y a une autre vision qui ne consiste pas à considérer la loi de Murphy comme vraie mais comme une règle de conception. les équipements conçus doivent être mis à l'épreuve des plus pires accidents pouvants arrivés ou des plus stupides utilisations!! mais heureusement ça n'arrive que très rarement!!!


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