Friday, 27 February 2009

List of Hormone's surnames.

Hormone: Greek: (excite or turn on) is a chemical messenger carried by the blood.

Here is a list of common names of some hormones, feel free to add yours in the "comments" section because the list is not exhaustive ..
Because somtimes a hormone has many effects on the body, it can have many names. such as oxytocin, in attachment, love, childbirth, or cortisol, which is involved into stress or when we wake up.
  • Melatonin: Hormone of Sleep
  • Oxytocin: Love hormone / or affection.
  • Somatropin or somatotropin (GH): Growth hormone.
  • Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone (CGh): hormone of pregnancy.
  • FSH: Follicle-stimulating Hormone.
  • LH: Luteinizing hormone
  • Insulin Hypoglycemic hormone
  • Glucagon: Hyperglycaemic hormone.
  • Cortisol: Stress hormone
  • Endorphine: Delight hormone / anti pain hormone.
  • Dopamine: Delight hormone.
  • Prolactin: Breastfeeding and patience hormone.
  • Leptin: Obesity hormone
  • Serotonin: Good mood hormone.

: from Greek: pherein (carry) and hormon (excite) are chimical messengers acting between the same species found in sweat, urine .. etc. .. the most striking example in humans is the synchronization of menstrual cycles of women living together ..
Phytohormones: vegetal hormones.



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