Friday, 17 April 2009

Grafted face and hands by Pr. Lantieri

A new medical fact makes the buzz!

The 2 teams have simultaneously managed a face transplant and a graft hands on a man burned in an accident. Conducted this weekend, the operation has mobilized 40 people for nearly 30 hours. This is the 6th of the face transplant in the world and the 4th practiced in France, but this is the first time ever that doctors reach transplanting parts of the face at the same time as another part of the body .

Conducted 4th to 5th April 2009 at the Henri Mondor hospital in Créteil, France by 2 teams: one led by Pr Lantiéri and Pr Méningaud for face transplant and the other by Pr Dumontier for grafting of hands.

The recipient is a man of 30 years. The aftermath of the accident he suffered in 2004 from severe burns that prevented any social life, "says Public Assistance.

The whole upper part of the face over the lips, scalp, nose, ears, forehead and upper and lower eyelids, was re-implanted on the patient, says the AP-HP. Grafting of the eyelids is also presented as a world first. Surgeons have reconnected nerves, tendons, arteries and veins. This is the major issue raised by Professor Lantieri during a press conference. Moreover, the patient is doing well, it will be kept in intensive care, the time he wakes up.

From left to right: Pr Meningaud, Pr Lantieri and Pr Dumortier © BORIS HORVAT


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