Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The syndrome of the medical student

medical studens strike First clear from your head the idea that a syndrome is a disease characterized by severe deformities and mental retardations and bla bla .. of course there are syndromes as I described but for the most part they are other than that .. So:
A syndrome is a set of clinical signs and symptoms that a patient is likely to present at certain diseases.

Let explain more The syndrome of the medical student of which sometimes I have suffered ;-)
The syndrome of the medical student refers to the tendency of medical students
to self-diagnose in an irrational way the most serious diseases. It is more
a meeting of circumstances than a true pathology.

The syndrome is caused by several factors:

  • Learning semiology preceding pathology: Students know the signs of major diseases and syndromes, without sufficient experience of how really this pathology can affect the body.
  • Stress associated with emotionally difficult situations and possibly fear of contagion in the workplace.

The syndrome of the medical student should be distinguished from:

  • Hypochondria, which is a psychiatric illness making the hypochondriac persuaded to be suffering from sickness, delirious, or morbid fear of catching a disease;
  • Self-medication;
  • Self-diagnosis, although it is difficult.
Hypocondria The syndrome of the medical student declines as the student get far in its medical curriculum for several reasons: the acquisition of knowledge about the disease;
  • Relativization with patients seen at the hospital;
  • The psychological resistance;
  • Confrontation with reality: he has not got the diseases! (eg other supposed symptoms are absent).
Note that the syndrome of the medical student can be expressed in a negative form: irrational denial of a real disease, because students can not gather all the signs of this disease.


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